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Land Clearing Service

Clear Tree Recycling operate with the latest Land Clearing and Tree Lopping equipment to provide the highest quality, time-saving services on the Brisbane, North Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Queensland - Eastern coast of Australia. Our professional, friendly staff has many years of experience and will know exactly what type of equipment you will need. Weather its one tree or hectares of trees We can provide everything for your needs

Our commitment is to maximise the amount of reusable waste so it can be used in an environmentally friendly nature.

We can provide everything from environmental management plans, consulting services, land owner liaising, tree fellers, access towers, erosion control, traffic management, millable timber retrieval, tree removal, stump grinding, re-vegetation and mulch removal  if required in our tree lopping/land clearing services in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, North QLD and Queensland. And for your convenience, all timber is mulched on site. If you have trees that you would like to clear, contact us here to find out more!